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Anybody home?
Hello? This is exactly the kind of forum I was hoping to find -- the kind of stuff I want to talk about, but it looks like nobody is home! What's up?


It says 91 members registered, but only see posts from a few people???
Hey Don Money, welcome to the site!

Don’t be discouraged that the site isn’t too active yet. We’re really still in the stealth / beta phase. I’m trying to get a small group going and get a good base of threads and posts down before really trying to market and backlink the site.

As to the 91 members, when I first put the site up I didn’t have any security set up and so it got swamped with spammers / spam-bots registering for back-links. So unfortunately, most of the 91 “members” are not really that. At some point I’ll get around to figuring out how to delete them. We’ve only got a few “regulars” at this point (me, TomK, bobbyboy), and a small number of occasional posters outside of that. But please join us and hang around and spread the word – we’d love your help getting this going.

Also please share any thoughts you’ve got about how to improve the site and how to best approach growing the membership.


ok, thanks. I'll try to contribute and will speak up if I have any good idea.

hi all, I have just found this site, and think it has fantastic potential! I am reading all the posts with great interest, and have signed up for further reading.
I am in the early stages of the investing world myself, so don't have much to offer in the way of advice just yet, but already have picked up much, so will add what I can when I can.
in the meantime, just accumulating knowledge! I especially liked the stuff on Philip morris - going to think about them as the next place to go.
Welcome Jack! Glad you found us. Early stages of investing is good (better than never getting started, anyway) and especially if you have a long time horizon to work with. I hope this will be a place where we can all exchange ideas and learn together.

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