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Great DG Article!
Dividend Growth Investor is an excellent website with many great articles about DG investing in general and about individual DG stocks. Today's article (6/24/13) is a gem. In stark contrast to the doom and gloom and sensationalist panic-happy nonsense about the economy that is all over the financial media, this article nails the key points of DG investing.

Key quotes:

Quote:Stocks have finally began sliding down, and I am starting to get excited. I would love for stocks to get down even further from here. As someone in the accumulation stage of the dividend machine building process, I welcome any price weaknesses with open arms, as it translates into higher entry yields.

Quote:And what a great time it is to be a collector of business profits, through generous dividend distributions. Corporate balance sheets are flush with cash, more people are going back to work, and that housing market is coming back up. It is even better, when the price of your dividend stream is getting cheaper by the dozen.

But really, the title says it all: "Your Retirement Income Is On Sale!"

Go read the whole thing here.
Funny I had already seen that article. It is a good one. To be a good dividend investor you need to keep your head on straight and be able to ignore all of this Fed QE tapering crap. The only thing the media hype and fed nonsense are good for is giving us some volatility and as a result lower prices for our favorite companies.
I agree with you there Donald. Now that they seem to be backing off of the tapering talk, it looks like we may be back to the upward climb that we were previously enjoying (if you're fully invested, or not enjoying, if you are still accumulating).


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