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My non-401k, non-Roth Portfolio
Hi all,

Still a newbie on this forum and in investing in general, but greatly enjoying the discussions. I've been investing for a couple years, but just recently decided to go in on DGI. I started with a $10/trade commission account, but started using Robinhood in the last couple months to get some traction, taking advantage of commission-free trades. The list below is what I currently own between the 2 accounts. They are all rather small positions at this point, but I am adding to it every week, identifying the best value. Admittedly, I did some yield chasing early on before I had any understanding on how to evaluate a company, but am also trying to correct those mistakes. I recently sold my EFC position to purchase more QCOM after they reported earnings last week. Every day I virtually kick myself, wishing I had started down this path right out of college when I started working.

I know I am heavy in Tech (its what I probably know the best), so I am looking for suggestions as far as other sectors to target, as well as any international stocks/ETFs to get coverage outside of the US. I have a good 25 yrs until traditional retirement age, so I'm not needing the income now, I'm focused now on building a proper DGI portfolio.


As far as next buys, I'm currently eyeing CMI, along with waiting for pullbacks on some of the other Dividend Aristocrats. 

Outside of this forum, I get many suggestions to focus on ETFs, but I figure since most of the stocks are overvalued now, aren't the ETFs that contain them as well overvalued? As a result I am looking mainly for individual stocks that are good investments and a good value (or at least fair value).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Trading commission-free is excellent. I would suggest to consider what will be your "core" portfolio of companies that you'd hold forever. Focus on building those up first.

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