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Calculating my portfolio's yield
(06-17-2013, 06:03 PM)aagha Wrote: What's the best way for me to go about calculating my porfolio's yield?

I have various holdings which I've bought over the past couple of years, each (obviously) with their own, individual yields. I'm curious to know what, assuming the current/last dividend, my portfolio yielded the last quarter.


Stock1, 500 shares, 2.1% last quarter's yield
Stock2, 1000 shares, 3% last quarter's yield
Stock3, 250 shares, 5.1% last quarter's yield

Is there a simple online tool for this?

I have used Investment Account Manager (IAM) for several years. It has gone by different names over the years but is still basically the same software. It will track all buys, sales, splits, cost basis, etc. and calculate cost yield, current yield, total yield, portfolio yield, and S&P yield. It is produced by QUANT IX Software, Inc.

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