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Looking for a dividends Calendar

Yahoo Finance does. Set up a portfolio or watch list, customize your portfolio view and add both ex date and pay date columns and anything else you would like to see. Easy. Tried to put a screen shot here but got an error saying it was to large.

Thanks BLTN,

I just recreated my portfolio in Yahoo finance and realized 4 of my stocks are paying dividends today and tomorrow!! Big Grin

Happy days!
Hey there

I just finished an alpha version of a dividend calendar app with a calendar view and a ticker view.

[Image: cal.png]

[Image: symbol.png]

As I wrote, it's an alpha but works on my device (lg g3) and is intended for Android devices.
For this to work, you need to allow installations that are not from Google Play.
The only permission it needs is internet, so it can get the data.
Bugs are written to android/data/com.amos.divcal/files/log.txt

If you want to play with it and give some feedback, don't hesitate to let me know about it Smile
Apart from, there is a good site which gives latest news on dividend stocks.

Any suggestions anyone??

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