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Solar energy stocks
Anybody made investments in solar stocks lately? I've read this article and it might have been good idea few weeks ago.
I havent made any investments in solar (or wind) as the sectors arent mature enough. I need to understand more before I can put some money into it.

I just wrote an article about the changing landscape of the energy sector last week - sharing my thoughts. Definitely an interesting field - and warrants more thought/research.
Yes. I think it's pretty obvious that solar is the energy source of the future, so I would be foolish not to follow that thought with investments.
But I'm keeping my investments small, the companies don't pay a dividend (and probably won't for a long time) and the sector as a whole is very very unstable. But it is the way of the future.

Long in Trina (TSL) and I'm certainly hoping the buyout won't happen as the price is way too low. I want to keep these in my hands at least for a few decades.

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