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Sunday Morning Software Update
Nice update but since then, I stopped receiving reply updates to my email, not sure if it is related though.
Ok, so I really wasn't liking the look and feel of things there since the version update. I've installed the new default theme. It definitely looks different, and I'd love feedback about it. At very least it does not feel haphazard and broken, the way hte old theme has been since the update.

If there is no major uproar, I'd like to leave this up for a bit and see how people react and settle in with it.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks again for your patience!
I like it Kerim. Definitely feels cohesive. Thanks!

I like it better. Yea, leave it up for a while.
Good job.
New theme looks great, Kerim.
Really like this new theme.
I think the new theme is a vast improvement from before.
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Looks great! Good job!
Is it me or is there a lot more spam with this most recent update. So sad..
(12-11-2015, 07:14 PM)Jimbo Wrote: Is it me or is there a lot more spam with this most recent update. So sad..

Not just you -- it is real! Not sure why that would happen, but I will explore. I hope it is something simple, like perhaps there are some settings that were switched to default with the update that I need to turn back on to make it a little less simple for the spammers.

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