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iStockDiv 0.8.5 was released
* Close position button was added to the symbol page
* Rename portfolio button was added to the portfolio page
* Payout ratio is gradient red->green based on its value and other UI/UX improvements
* Monthly view of dividends was added to the matrix including received/remain/projected/stop-freeze

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StockDiv 0.8.6 was released
* Portfolio selection was moved to the top toolbar for better accessibility.
* Lots of internal fixes and improvements regarding visual and functionality.
* GUI changes to accommodate future plans.

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StockDiv 0.8.7 was released
* Timezones issues are completely fixed
* Added dividend related data to the portfolio grid

StockDiv 3.40 Android
* Added currency selector for future reference
StockDiv 6.3.6/mStockDiv 3.45.1/iStockDiv 0.9.0

Viewing portfolios in different currencies.
Adding buy/sell transactions in different currencies.
You can now edit a transaction in the Android version.
Added Pl annualized to the portfolio.
Adding a transaction to a symbol/portfolio is quicker.
Users of older versions are recommended to update to the latest ones ASAP.
New users are recommended to prefer the new Windows/web versions over the legacy one.
Stockdiv 0.9.5/mStockdiv 3.47

Adding a symbol is more convenient
Dividend history panel for a symbol is divided into years
Tag and notes were added to the portfolio, at the moment, in read-only mode
No need to remember all the exchange codes, simply select it from the list (Android)
Re-organized portfolio panel in overview and asset panel in portfolio (Android)
Color matching between the versions
StockDiv 0.9.6
* A button to add your portfolios' symbols to the screener
* Edit a transaction from the Overview page (when viewing specific portfolio)
* Company logo was added to the symbol/portfolio/screener pages
* Editing a transaction even when viewing all portfolios
* Updating tag/notes for a portfolio->symbol
* alerts with dates
* Diversification per symbol/dividend/sector
* Alerts/increases are united and clicking on them will go to the relevant symbol
StockDiv 1.0.1
*Views are finally here for both portfolios and screener. Each time a view will saved/loaded, it will be remembered for the next session.
* Tax is now defined per portfolio->symbol. A new tax definition should be set in order for it to be stored correctly.
* It is recommended to export your transaction in order to have an updated export file.
Amos great work. I loaded your portfolio today in the web and there is a shitload of data and functionality there. You also seem to add new features quite often lately, do you even sleep? good job and keep it up!
Thanks man.
If you only saw how the new design will look like.... I still have work to do on that but it will be totally different than the current one and with more features/functionalities.
I also think it's MUCH better then the current one but I'm biased Smile

I barely sleep though :-D

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