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New version releases

StockDiv 6.2.0
* New logo
* dividends history are downloaded automatically
* Processing dividends is faster
* bugs fixes and improvements

mStockDiv 3.26 (may take some time to appear in Google Play)
* New logo
* Processing dividends is faster

iStockDiv 0.1b - web version:
* Overview page
iStockDiv 0.2b
Added Income window with portfolio's dividends with the option to select a period of today/week/month/year/all
Added Portfolio window with the stocks and their info
When adding a transaction, you can ask for the current price
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iStockDiv 0.3b
Added filtering to the income page based on the last 5 years - check the "All" button.
Added a new portfolio page with additional 6 panels: Dividend history, dividend projection, compounded, ROI, 12m projection and transactions list - check the charts button in portfolio page.
Added a message icon at the top to read important system notifications

mStockDiv 3.30 (Might take a while for it to appear in the Play store)
Added a message icon at the top to read important system notifications
Fixed several minor issues

For more information:
iStockDiv 0.4b
mStockDiv 3.39.1

* Minor visual changes but with major changes on the server side. More robust, faster and better even right after a restart.
* Financial calculations are more accurate.
* Data update mechanism was improved.
* Widget refresh improved.

Next step: Windows version adaptation.

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