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Thanks for your answer. I guess it's hard to get everything from every stock market in the world. Smile
04/02/2016 2.2.0:
* The watch list is separated from the portfolios and is shared between portfolios
* Update financial info is now two times faster
* Portfolio's context menu option to change symbol
* Watchlist's context menu option to filter by selected symbol
* Watchlist's context menu option to delete a symbol
* Dividend history is divided into "in portfolio"/"not in portfolio"
* Added commissions to the portfolio, per stock
* The user can customize the structure of the portfolio grid
* Option to delete dividend history for selected symbol
* Bugs fixes

Download link + virus total:
14/02/2016 2.3.0:
* Added a better way to search for israeli stock
* Currency selection is stored between sessions
* If a dividend was decreased after a special div, the color won't be red
* Increase% was added to the dividend history
* Added tax per stock to the portfolio and calculation is done accordingly
* Added tag per stock to the portfolio
* Option to group the portfolio by: sector, tax, tag, dividend frequency, years and rating
* Balancing portfolio based on stock, yield and tag
* Bugs fixes

Download link + virus total:
25/02/2016 2.3.1:
* Payment matrix/graph can be based on pay date or ex day
* Zoom in month for dividends will be affected by the receive/to receive/projected options
* Time to freedom calculator based on capital worth or monthly income
* Better handling of dividends collection
* Bugs fixes

Download link + virus total:
03/03/2016 2.3.2:
* Payment matrix will show an indication when a dividend was increased
* Hovering a dividend in payment matrix will show the increase percentage
* Bugs fixes

Download link + virus total:
As a complementary to Stock.Div I made a dividend calendar app with a calendar view and a ticker view.

[Image: cal.png]

[Image: symbol.png]

It's an alpha but works on my device (lg g3) and is intended for Android devices.
For this to work, you need to allow installations that are not from Google Play.
The only permission it needs is internet, so it can get the data.
Bugs are written to android/data/com.amos.divcal/files/log.txt

If you want to play with it and give some feedback, let me know
15/07/2016 2.4.0
* Manually change sector if needed
* When exiting application in the middle of processing, ask for confirmation
* Ongoing conditional formatting (for example: div date next week)
* Added currency history
* Create filter based on list of symbols from file or clipboard
* Option to initialize/clear cash
* Added activity report for range of dates (including buy/sell/ex day/div day) + export to excel
* Newly received dividends since last application startup, will be added to USD cash, if available
* Dividends graph/payment matrix amounts can be toggled between gross and net
* Option to start application in dashboard, my assets or screener
* Bugs fixes and improvements
24/08/2016 2.4.1
* Cash can have different purposes so you can define several entries of the same cash
* Sector drop down in the stock's window contains the list of all available sectors
* When importing portfolio, several entries of the same stock, will generate several transactions
* Bugs fixes and improvements
A new version will be released soon, with the following changes
* In-app assets limitation was removed, now the user can add any existing stock/etf/etc
* When adding a purchase and US Dollar cash is defined, the purchase amount will be deducted from it
* When adding a new stock, its dividends history is retrieved
* Option to start application with Dashboard,My assets,Screener,Dividend history,Stocks diversity,Sectors diversity,Dividends graph,Yearly payment matrix,ROI,Last page I was
* Improved portfolio importing process including date format selection and data check
* Preparations for version 3.0.0
* Bugs fixes and improvements

If you want to test it (beta), let me know Smile
The new version is out, the list of changes is just above this message
Download link + Virustotal report:

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