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I have a Mac and an android phone so unfortunately can't give it a try for now. Good luck with it and thanks for sharing!
A new version is out 0.9.3b with the following changes:
09/17/2015 0.9.3:
* Last price and dividend are updated when adding a stock from the watchlist to the portfolio
* Added dividends history to stock's edit window
* Conditional formatting window can be quickly accessed from both portfolio and watch list
* A better process progress indication
* Added rating support per stock and account securities
* Added basic form of loans and loans payments
* Bugs fixes

Updated virustotal link:

Download link:

Looking forward for more excellent feedback. I know I'm "nobody" so maybe you are less thrilled to try it but hey, I promise to listen to your feedback and add more features to it in order to make it better. Isn't just that worth a shot? Smile
09/22/2015 0.9.4:
* Every stock shows its portfolio's portion
* Added cash (USD, GBP, EURO, ILS) support in the portfolio
* Added support for exchange rates updates
* Update last price/div for watchlist stocks (div yield update requires div frequency)
* Payment matrix: summary will include both received/to receive totals
* Added sectors graph
* A lot of minor changes and improvements
* Bugs Fixes

updated virustotal link:

Download link:
09/26/2015 0.9.5:
* Added bought date when adding a manual stock
* Stock's dividend history can be retrieved + visual graph
* Edit stock button was added to the watchlist and portfolio
* Retrieve current price when adding a stock manually or when adding a purchase
* Quick access from payment matrix to the stock's info window
* Dividends graph and payment matrix are calculated based on stocks number of the relevant date
* Several cosmetics changes
* Bugs Fixes

Updated VirusTotal:

Download link:
04/10/2015 0.9.6:
* Added option to download full dividend history for portfolio to Account -> Tools&Settings
* Added Backup management to Account -> Tools&Settings
* Added support for ETF's dividends history
* Option to enter either total price or share price when adding a new purchase
* Added PE sector calculation so Stock's PE will be green/red if below/above average
* Monthly dividend graph now includes projected income for the next 12 months
* Time to freedom calculation based on current value + dividends projection
* Import your current portfolio from a CSV format: ticker, shares, price, date(yyyymmdd)
* Improved user experience
* Bugs Fixes



Please share your feedback because my next main change is about design to make it more user friendly with the idea of releasing version 1.0.0 (not beta). Thanks!
A new version is out with a whole new design:
10/15/2015 0.9.7RC
Alert when a new dividend is less than the previous one
Added dividend frequency support for ETFs
Added ADR stocks support
Update rating value to multiple stocks at once
Yearly payment matrix now includes projected dividends
A complete redesign to make the app more user friendly
Bugs Fixes

[Image: stockdiv-dashboard.png]
VirusTotal link:

This is a release candidate version so please report any problem, bugs, questions etc...
Hi, looks great , Will try iT later..

À dividend beginner.

Thanks. Version 1.0.0 final is just around the corner and I already have several surprises for 1.1.0 Smile but new feedback and ideas are always welcome
My probivider warns me for mallware in the exe???
What is your provider? I scanned it using virustotal and it found nothing:

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