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StockDiv 1.1.1
* A total revamp of the design, screenshots can be seen here:
* Added average for YOC and DIV% + sum of next dividend amount to the portfolio
* Transactions list show share price as well
* diversification by tag (count) and tag(money)
StockDiv 1.1.5
Lots of small GUI improvements
Added help page with explanations/screenshots for the Overview page. More items will be added when required.
StockDiv 1.2.0
* Projection 5/10 years combined with compounded for a better comparison
* List of 10 most-income symbols
Grouping portfolios is finally here!
Added even more sections to the FAQ page.
Something is still unclear? Let me know about it Smile
StockDiv 1.4.0
* Mark messages as read
* Added "portfolio" indication to the screener per symbol
* Added benchmark page including ROI/Increase/PL for all the portfolio's symbols
* Added chat to the symbol page, now you can share your thoughts about the symbol
StockDiv 1.4.5
* Added PL/PL% to the benchmark
* Added quick actions
* Several financial calculations improvements
StockDiv 1.5.0 was released with several improvements and fixes.
Also a new payment model for those who check their portfolio only once or twice a year and then forget about it Smile
StockDiv 1.5.5
* Added alerts for upcoming splits
* New transaction button was added to the symbol page
* Lots of internal improvements
* FAQ and login pages are adapted to mobile. Other pages will be adapted too in the next releases.
Version 2.0.1 released
* Ex/pay day in activity window will show the relevant shares number for that dividend.
* Symbol page contains the average price for the relevant portfolios/symbol.
* Design change, adaptable to mobile devices*. You can use any device model, Android and iOS. Notice that it is by far richer than the Android app.

* Because of the so many mobile brands, changes and adaptations might still be needed. If you encounter a problem with your device, please let me know.
2.0.5: One StockDiv for all
* An Android version with the same look and feel as Windows/web versions.
* Navigating to from any device, will show a mobile adapted version.
* when is my next dividend widget is under review and hopefully will soon be available in Google Play.
* For dessert: Remember me option was added so you won't need to re-enter your username and password over and over again (not recommended on a public computer)

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