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iStockDiv 0.8.5 was released
* Close position button was added to the symbol page
* Rename portfolio button was added to the portfolio page
* Payout ratio is gradient red->green based on its value and other UI/UX improvements
* Monthly view of dividends was added to the matrix including received/remain/projected/stop-freeze

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StockDiv 0.8.6 was released
* Portfolio selection was moved to the top toolbar for better accessibility.
* Lots of internal fixes and improvements regarding visual and functionality.
* GUI changes to accommodate future plans.

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StockDiv 0.8.7 was released
* Timezones issues are completely fixed
* Added dividend related data to the portfolio grid

StockDiv 3.40 Android
* Added currency selector for future reference
StockDiv 6.3.6/mStockDiv 3.45.1/iStockDiv 0.9.0

Viewing portfolios in different currencies.
Adding buy/sell transactions in different currencies.
You can now edit a transaction in the Android version.
Added Pl annualized to the portfolio.
Adding a transaction to a symbol/portfolio is quicker.
Users of older versions are recommended to update to the latest ones ASAP.
New users are recommended to prefer the new Windows/web versions over the legacy one.
Stockdiv 0.9.5/mStockdiv 3.47

Adding a symbol is more convenient
Dividend history panel for a symbol is divided into years
Tag and notes were added to the portfolio, at the moment, in read-only mode
No need to remember all the exchange codes, simply select it from the list (Android)
Re-organized portfolio panel in overview and asset panel in portfolio (Android)
Color matching between the versions
StockDiv 0.9.6
* A button to add your portfolios' symbols to the screener
* Edit a transaction from the Overview page (when viewing specific portfolio)
* Company logo was added to the symbol/portfolio/screener pages
* Editing a transaction even when viewing all portfolios
* Updating tag/notes for a portfolio->symbol
* alerts with dates
* Diversification per symbol/dividend/sector
* Alerts/increases are united and clicking on them will go to the relevant symbol

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