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StockDiv 5.5.7 with a new option to fit to page the gain/loss graph and several bugs were smashed!
mStockDiv 1.3.8 was published over a week ago with a lot of improvements and new features.

Give it a go in
StockDiv 6.0.1 and mStockDiv 2.01
^ The widget now shows if you should get dividends in the next 30 days
* Server side was secured, cleaned, beautified and stabilized
^ Preparations for future plans
* Bugs fixes and improvements
StockDiv 6.1.0
* Added view of demo account before registering
* With multiple portfolios, a pie chart will show their portions
* Bugs fixes and improvements
StockDiv 6.1.2
Bugs fixes and improvements
Double clicking a symbol in the zoom-in month view will open its properties

mStockDiv 2.10
^ Unified logic and calculations
^ improved performance and resource consumption when switching portfolios
So after working for some time on making StockDiv even better, I propose a beta for testing it.
Let me know if you find the following appealing.
Thanks and as always, let me know of anything Smile


Because this is a beta (not in play) this can be installed by me sending an APK for you to install.
mStockDiv 3.13 is released with a massive GUI change, a much better user experience and a small contact us option so you can reach us directly from the app. Don't be afraid to use it Smile
mStockDiv 3.20 was released with the following changes: (might take time before appearing in Google Play)
Added 12-month projection to the portfolio page
The widget will show amount after tax when there is only one portfolio
Added projected amount to the yearly income chart in overview
mStockDiv can be translated. Czech is already here, what about your language?

StockDiv 6.1.4 was released with the following changes:
Fixed payment matrix for symbols which all shares were sold
Export transactions file is created with the date in the name
Bugs fixes and improvements

As always, feel free to comment about anything Smile
wow, why Czech? Big Grin I am Slovak, but live in Czech republic.
Because a user from Czech wanted the app to talk Czech and volunteered to do the translation Smile
mStockDiv 3.25 was released: (might take time before appearing in Google Play)
Added increase expectations of stocks, when a symbol is expected to increase its dividned
Week, month, year (including projection) calculation was improved.
Widget refresh issues were fixed

StockDiv 6.1.5 was released:
Bugs fixes and improvements

Web version is under development, hopefully soon a beta will be released.

As always, feel free to comment about anything

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