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mStockDiv 0.97 for Android
StockDiv 5.4.0 for Windows

Each version is on its own and can be synced with one another, adding new transactions to one version will be reflected in the other and vice versa.
Also, mobile version now has a settings window where the user can define his preferred date format.
Stockdiv version 5.4.5 and mStockDiv version 0.98b were released. The mobile version will be final/formal if no critical issues will be found.
It doesn't mean my work is done, there are plenty of things to develop Smile

Change log:
1. Adding a transaction to a new portfolio is more intuitive
2. An improved sync between mStockDiv and Windows StockDiv
3. Projections navigation was improved
4. Swipe down to refresh
5. Added "today you should get..." when today you receive dividends
6. Re-selecting the same sort option will reverse sort up/down
7. Added "should have announced" dividends notifications
As always, let me know of anything!
Thank you for your efforts Amos. I'm somewhat new here and have just scrolled by this thread. I'll download this and give it a try soon.
Thanks @fenders53, feel free to contact me for anything Smile
Can’t wait for the IOS version Smile
mStockDiv version 1.1.0 with the following:
1. Added dividend history / dividend projection / ROI per stock (click on symbol in portfolio)
2. Long click on symbol in portfolio or click on symbol in stock data will go to symbol's dividends
3. Added dividends calendar in account tab
4. Clicking on congrats, today you should get... (in account tab) will show today's dividends
5. If you update from an earlier version, this one time, you might need to re-enter your credentials

StockDiv 5.5.0 with the following
Improved performance and data retrieval from Dave Fish list

Can be downloaded from here:

As always, all comments are welcome and appreciated Smile
mStockDiv 1.11:
Added dividends not received this year
Portfolios are organized alphabetically
Fixed this year's projection
Calendar to show today's divs by default
Added option to view a demo account

StockDiv 5.5.1:
Portfolios are organized alphabetically
bug fixes and improvements
mStockDiv 1.15:
Added "Today you should get..." widget
Added compounded projection to account

StockDiv 5.5.5
Added compounded projection to overview-> projections
bug fixes and improvements
mStockDiv 1.20 as an addition to the previous one:
Added "Today you should get..." widget
Added compounded projection to Account
Added register option to the menu
Added logout option to the menu
Register a subscription from the app itself
Bugs fixes and widget useabilty improvements
mStockDiv 1.30, including previous updates:

1. Added "Today you should get..." widget
2. Added compounded projection to Account
3. Added register and logout options to the menu
4. Register a subscription from the app itself
5. Bugs fixes, demo account and widget usability improvements
6. Improved theming and icon/logo
7. Added yield/income/total to Stock's data page
8. Added "click + to add/import transactions" when there are no transactions
9. Added a welcome wizard (4 pages) when first opening the app

Notice that it might take time for 1.30 to appear in the Play store

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