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Good to see it's not dead after 2 years Smile

Actually there were updates in between but mostly bug fixes so I didn't post about it.
Version 5.2.0 is already "in the oven" Smile
New version is out:

06/06/2019 5.2.1
* Bugs fixes and lots of improvements

04/06/2019 5.2.0
* Added progressbar to the taskbar entry
* Added option to change password (tools and settings)
* In all portfolios mode, the caption's hint will show included portfolios names
* If no change was made, overview tab will not be reloaded
* When opening the application, all portfolios are updated with price/dividends
* Improved performance when checking for symbols validity
* Bugs fixes and lots of improvements
New version is out:
14/06/2019 5.2.2
* Bugs fixes and lots of improvements
New version is out:
16/06/2019 5.2.3
* When there are too many dividends in month view, a menu will show all
* Added commissions to export/import transactions as csv
* Transactions are saved locally as backup (csv).
* Preparations for the mobile version
* Bugs fixes and improvements
29/06/2019 5.3.0
* Added option custom commissions as default for commissions plan
* Added proxy settings in log in window and in tools and settings
* Improved detection of next dividend
* Improved average price calculation
* Bugs fixes and improvements
One question here. It keeps saying that I have X days of trial left. What happens after?
Is there some sort of a limited functionality version for free and a paid subscription for the whole thing?
Because I had to start paying for the data, and it's not cheap, I had to change it from being a freeware. Still, I think the prices are more than fair.
After the trial is over, you can't use it and you need to register in order to keep using it.

BTW, a beta of the mobile version will be released soon...
The beta of the mobile version (Android) is out so if someone wants to check it out (It's not in google Play yet), do let me know.
The new version of mStockDiv is out 0.96b:

1. Progress of refreshing data was improved
2. Data inaccuracy was fixed
3. Added notification for dividend decrease
4. Lots of bugs fixes and improvements.
5. Improved navigation of dividend projections

As always, your comments are welcome!

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