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KMI, the Boss and I
I figured since I'm getting somewhat close to retiring, I'd start simplifying my life. Too much stuff I don't NEED. I decided to sell my 2013 Boss 302. I took it to Carmax to get an appraisal. They offered me $33K. NO WAY. Auto Traders offered $33.5K. Nope. Black Book offered me $34.4. Nah, I'll keep it. Then I talked to Texas Direct Auto, They offered me $37.5K YOU GOT A DEAL!
This is the good part...I was wearing my Kinder-Morgan cap. The appraiser asked if I worked for Kinder-Morgan, I told him (young guy,late twenties), no, "they work for me, I'm a shareholder". He told me he was too, but he didn't get a cap. I told him to go to the next investor's meeting, it's right here in Houston. We talked for a bit and I asked what he thought about the market drop on Friday. He told me he didn't care "I'm young, I've got a long time, I buy dividend paying stocks and re-invest the dividends."
Made me smile.
BTW...Carmax sucks. A bunch of surly liars. I'll keep driving my '89 Chevy work truck w/200K mi. Works fine, and I can "re-invest" my $37.5K dividends.
I finally saw this story.

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