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Dividend Growth Portfolio - Objective: Retire by 50
Yes, it looks like a good start. Are you planning to DRIP the dividends or collect & buy?
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Yes, for the time being the plan is to drip everything
I have available cash flow to go shopping but my "watch list" is currently huge and overcomplicated. And I can also grow some of my existing positions, so many options...

How do you decide on what to buy when such good dilemas come along? Off course you want to look for the best value out there with the best growth opportunities but that's easier said than done.
I sort by 52-week range a lot, looking at what is out of fashion at the moment. On the low side of the 52 week range implies higher dividend yield, lower P/E ratio .... better value

[Image: sanXFeX.png]

I actually have such a view! Big Grin

But it still makes choosing hard. I wanted to buy technology, consumer discr. and materials which I'm currently missing in my portfolio.
Yay stockrover!

Great list to choose from there ... for your needed sectors I think QCOM + DOW have nice value here and MCD hasn't been destroyed nearly as much as it could've given the constant year of bad news ...

I know they're not on your list but take a look at AGU and ARLP for basic materials

I'm happy I waited, it's nice sitting on a beach while I watch the market plummet. I didn't bring my computer this week which was a great decision and I don't like inserting buy orders on my phone. Glad it worked for the best, but my shopping list is getting bigger. I'm getting itchy to buy Apple (may have missed the best entry point, let's see), Disney, Altria, Aflac, UNP and strength my position in energy.
As a junior investor, what did I learn from the most recent sell-off:

1) I read no one could time the market, but I still believed it was possible... I failed... miserably!
2) I was betting on a long correction and the start of a long bearish feeling, Mr Market fooled me well.
3) Always have money available and ready to deploy in your broker account, having to wait 3 days for the money to land was rather painful.
4) Always have GTC for your most desired positions. If you are not checking the market every minute, it'll do the work for you. Having a GTC for Apple at $99 and Altria bellow $50, etc would have made me very happy.
5) Your phone is your friend, just use it.

I missed amazing entry points because of all the above. I hope to have learned my lessons and be ready next time around!
All good, valid points rasec. Taking these lessons and actually applying them is the hard part.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"

Rasec, you're going to do very well for yourself. Don't forget, the next time the market dips it will probably not be the same scenario.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


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