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Earlybird Discount to Interested DGF Members

Gently used daughter, early 30s. Speaks and writes very well despite never finishing her degree (some have called her a free spirit), well-traveled (has seen most of the USA and part of Canada), has a job in a northwestern state, up for a promotion within the year, owns her own iPhone and drives a fuel-sipping sub-compact car. Does not call home for money.

Almost-new son, out of his teens in a few months. He also speaks and writes well and isn't too keen on social media; preferring instead to focus on his studies & work to help pay his own way. Halfway through school earning a high GPA. Doesn't ask for money except for help with his tuition and the occasional case of Diet Coke and "Ike & Mikes" candy (gummy bears are an acceptable substitute). Owns an iPhone but no car as it's not needed. Prefers to live in NYC on his own terms (read: his dime) when school isn't in session so no need to worry about cellar rats.

Price negotiable. Will accept CVX shares in lieu of cash. Act now before CVX goes lower and I list them on eBay.

(See my post here for more explanation.)
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


Those sound like some fine kids, DW -- I'm sure you'll get top dollar. But maybe instead of selling, you can put them to work and use their earnings to buy your shares?
I'll only buy them if they pay dividends...
If you securitize them, we could all buy shares.
Very nice, thanks for the laugh!
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