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Today's Bargains?!
I know we do this thread all the time, but I never get tired of it!

Strange market -- indexes not all that far from all-time highs, but definitely feels like there are some bargains out there.

I'm ithcing to make at least a small buy today, but not sure if I will or what it will be. Top thoughts:

XOM at (below!) $80
PH near $110
EMR at $51
IBM at $160
COP at $53

Shout out what you think are today's best DG bargains!
Bottom portion of my own portfolio sorted by 52 week range low to high

I doubled down on ARLP a little while ago paying >10% dividend. Aside from the obvious XOM + CVX I think CMI, UNP + QCOM have a lot of value here

[Image: ei3obEh.jpg]

This whole oil price drop is hitting me hard Sad

Time to ride the storm
(07-24-2015, 12:31 PM)twil Wrote: This whole oil price drop is hitting me hard Sad

Time to ride the storm
LMAO, dont fret,its a long ride and some of us are in real deep.

Great buying opportunities.

MMM is below the $150 psychological mark. Not sure if that makes it a bargain though.
I looked at NSC, DOV, DOW, UTX, ETN, CAT, all dropped 10-15% in the past month. KMI is also down significantly as well

Edit: Also APPL, IBM, GILD took pretty decent hits this week too.
I have a some left in my Roth before I'm done for the year.

Just got to figure out which company to get into. I've been really wanting gild for a long time but just never pulled the trigger and am regretting it now.
If you are going for an oil play, I think XOM is currently better than CVX. Accounting for resource depletion, I calculate fair value for CVX at $92 with the current price at $90.60, while the fair value for XOM is $94 with the current price at $79.94. XOM has done a better job of replacing depleted resources.

I definitely like STAG; however, I already have a full position.

I think utilities are starting to look good with SO leading the way.
XOM yielding 3.7%, CVX yielding 4.8%, QCOM yielding 3.1% ... crikey


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