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Canadian banks
Royal Bank Of Canada Dividend Stock Analysis 2017
Toronto-Dominion Bank Dividend Stock Analysis 2017
Good article, R2R. Despite the fluctuating exchange rate, I'm quite please with how all the CA banks in our portfolio have performed.

The only concern at this point is that the payout ratio is close to 50% for all of them. IIRC, all the banks have said, at one point or another, that their goal is to maintain the payout ratio in the 40%-50% range. I'm expecting the dividend growth to moderate for the near term unless the rising interest rate environment drops to their bottom line.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

R2R, will we be getting one of these articles for each of the big 5?
Good point. I was not aware that the banks had a target ratio of 40-50%...looks like they are in the high 40s currently. Something to keep an eye on -- if they can continue growing their earnings.

Yes, I intend to do the others in the coming months. Next up: BNS and BMO in March.
Great. I'm of course waiting for the CIBC one since that's my choice out of the 5 but the others are great to read too.
Keep up the good work.
Time to bring this thread back to life.
My position in CIBC is already large but in the current market conditions I still see these banks as excellent plays.

So I've decided to add a second bank to my portfolio, simply to add some diversification. I'm down to two choices, TD or RBC... All of the financials look very similar and quite frankly I think either one would be a good choice. I'm kinda leaning a bit towards TD simply because of their larger US exposure but I'd like to hear your opinions on why you chose or would choose one of these.
At first glance, both are very similar. While RBC has a slightly higher yield, TD has a slightly lower P/E. I would probably go with TD because of their larger US exposure. Though you're right, both are solid choices. Maybe go with both if you have enough capital to make two purchases.

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