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Im just not understanding the dislike by the market for AAPL.

The company does 49+ BILLION in a quarter and its not good enough.

Ohh to have a financial problem like that.

That being said, with the down market today there are sure some good prices of good companies out there.

Agree completely about AAPL. Down 7 percent after market seems like an obscene over-reaction. This is still the most profitable business in the history of business. I'd be strongly tempted to buy if I didn't already have so much. As it is, I'm going to watch the options chains in the morning and see about making a quick buck on the bounce when folks come to their senses.
I'd hop on it if I had the cash
Yeah...I cant believe the market is punishing Apple for a performance like that.

Just looking at the cash position is staggering. They now have $203B in cash!

From this article,
Apple's total cash is the equivalent of:
  • The market cap of Disney.
  • Nearly 184.5 million ounces of gold (with gold approximately at $1,100 an ounce)—more than all the gold in Fort Knox.
  • The GDP of the Czech Republic.
  • The GDP of Peru.
  • Five times the combined value of all 30 MLB teams.
  • Two-hundred-seventy separate trips to the moon.
  • The total net-worth of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Ma combined.
  • The equivalent of more than 2,136 Sherry Netherland Penthouses.
  • Handing each person in the United States a check for $632.

Simply staggering!
People are scared and think that Apple has run it's course, it's one of those companies that people love to hate. I also find it ironic with the reactions between Apple and Google stock this past week.

I suppose the Apple hit had to do with not beating expectations by a higher margin.
Yeah...the market reaction has been insane. Google stock jumps up by $55-60B market cap on a mediocre beat and on promises of cost cut...The new CFO is already getting a lot of credit even though shes only been there for 3 months or so. I guess we'll see how she can turn things around.

Apple has an amazing quarter and investors are thinkign that the legs on iPhone are nearing its end. Reading through the earnings call transcript, Tim Cook has had to defend that theres still a lot of innovation left for iPhone. I would add to my Apple position if I had cash right now.
Apple is already 5.5% of my ROTH so I'll hold steady but will continue on dripping the divi's until the p/e breaks 20, maybe 25...I flip-flop with those numbers concerning dripping divi's in my ROTH but that's another topic.
Quote:Downtown Josh Brown ‏@ReformedBroker 2h2 hours ago
"Apple disappointed with $50 billion in revenue, $11 billion in profits, 35% jump in iPhone sales"

Congratulations on your mental illness.

I was in an Apple store this weekend for the first time in a long while. The place was swamped, just like always, and the wait to throw your money at them was over 40 minutes. Even if you knew exactly what you wanted and has a wad of cash in your hand. Didn't feel to me like the magic has been lost.
(07-21-2015, 04:09 PM)Jimbo Wrote: Im just not understanding the dislike by the market for AAPL.

Maybe I can offer my opinion, for what it's worth.  I think many people are wary of tech companies.  We all remember when Research in Motion (Blackberry) and Nokia were dominant.  These tech companies have to anticipate what the next big thing is and hope the market likes it.  Maybe Apple is considered a risk because of that?

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