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Image Thread?
Inspired by R2R's post over here....

Hah! Good idea to make a new meme/image thread instead of people like me showing up and ruining a conversation by posting a meme in serious threads Smile

And now, to ruin a meme thread, heres a video lol.

This video just made my day...and had to share.

Lol to both. I don't have many with overwritten text (whatever you youngun's call them) but I am known for a twisted humor at times.

Now I gotta go search all my 'puters cuz they're stashed all over the place.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

[Image: Dilbert-Stock-Splits-Cartoon.gif]
[Image: CLBOyD9UwAALpwO.jpg:large]
[Image: dt000119.gif]
This image is exactly what my wife and I were talking a month or two ago. We went to the doctor's office a couple of months ago and it was a teaching clinic, so we had my wife's doc sitting in another room watching on camera as we were dealing with a resident. For the whole 20-30 mins we were there, the resident barely looked up from his computer, reading questions off the screen and entering data into the form. At the end, he did a "physical" - which was to take the blood pressure reading, measure height and weight. That was it!

If medical care is all about just entering data into an online form, why do we need doctors anymore? Granted that this was a simple routine visit and nothing complicated - but it just goes to show that some of the basic/simple things can be automated. Or if medical advice can be rendered via a webcam - maybe we will start outsourcing it too. The human touch - which involved taking blood pressure reading can also be done by machines. People say that medical care cannot be automated. I beg to differ. Watch as all these jobs get obliterated in the coming years/decades thanks to advancements in automation/technology/robotics.

[Image: d1b2d670408201330856005056a9545d]
[Image: EyQN5jP.jpg]

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