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Buying Opportunity Tomorrow?
So are we going to see a Greece-related dip tomorrow, or already baked in? Anyone feeling like predictions?
Yea, futures down >1.25% across the board ... PM + MO pay out this week so the majority of us should have some fresh coin in our pocket to pick up some stuff at a discount

CVX, COP, NSC, ARLP, XOM, BEN, QCOM, STX, UNP, KO, HSY all at our near 52 week lows

I dont see a one day drop. I see a prolonged drop all this week, especially if China doesnt stop their market fall. I'm going to wait until later in the week to buy at the earliest and let the dust settle a bit.
Looks like quite a good opportunity coming up. I am looking to add QCOM - now that it has hit new lows and the overall sentiment has turned absurdly negative for what is just a small hiccup
I think we'll see a 24-48 hour drop, then either stabilization or a rebound as the markets wait for what the EU is actually going to do about Greece.
Dry powder :-)

Futures are down a little, my prediction for the S&P500 is to drop between 1% and 2% today. We will see what the big EU politicians have to say about this throughout the next couple of days. There is certainly going to be more of Greece stuff going on for at least a week or two. Next real deadline is on the 20th (iirc) when they need to pay their debt to the ECB.

I set a couple of orders in (JNJ + CL) for roughly 1-2% lower than their Friday close. Those will stay open until executed and I'm quite confident that both of them will hit at some point. Won't have much time to follow the markets during the next couple of weeks so that is the plan for this week.
Wow. Looks like the U.S. markets are really shrugging this off.
WTF... I dont understand the market's response at all.
[Image: i-was-told-r0qyi6.jpg]
(07-06-2015, 11:53 AM)Roadmap2Retire Wrote: [Image: i-was-told-r0qyi6.jpg]

LOL! Nice one.

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