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Visual Dividend Filter Site
Interesting site that uses visuals to present the data, rather then the usual tables.

Have a filter that looks at high dividend stocks that also meet other criteria such as good past performance and that the company doesn't have too high debt loads:
This is an interesting site. The overall graphs of the 25 or so companies I looked at were somewhat similar to my own opinions.

There are a couple of issues:
1) I think the site's value metrics are too lenient. For example, the graph of BA indicates it is a huge value play, which I do not believe to be true. I noticed this for several other companies too.
2) The site's income section does not include the rate of dividend growth, or at least I did not see it. The section includes a "dividends have increased over 5 years" metric but not the rate at which they increased. This metric is probably one of the most important for those on this site.
3) The site seems to handle REITs and MLPs poorly.
4) The stupid "sign up now" pop-up that appears every 5 seconds.

I could see this site being useful for getting ideas on which companies to start researching. For instance, HON was not really on my radar but after looking at the site's graph of HON I started doing a bit of research on it.
Looks like a good site for super quick scanning.
Would definitely (and obviously) not recommend buying because the blob looks good though!

I like it, will certainly be using for quick glimpses of companies to maybe scope further.


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