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Invest Now to Provide Later
Howdy everyone. I really don't talk like that despite living in Texas. My wife and are both 36 and therefore a bit late to the party but we are trying to play a little catch up. We just started buying stocks back in February and have put around $22,500 to work thus far. We know many people do not limit themselves to a specific number of holdings but we have identified 20 companies that we will invest in. With full-time jobs and family we do not have the desire to hold 50-100 companies. We already have positions in 18 of them.

Holdings include: ABT, AXP, COP, FDX, GE, GRC, HCP, JNJ, MDT, MET, O, PG, PM, QCOM, T, TD, UNP and XOM. We are looking to add BLK and PEP at some point this year.

We plan to invest between $700-$1,000 monthly going forward with Merrill Edge. Once we surpass $50,000, all trades will be free but $6.95 until we get there. We are both maximizing Roth IRA first with all $11,000 funded for 2015 so far. The remaining amounts will be held in a joint Taxable account. I contribute to my employer's 401(k) and my wife contributes to her pension.

Our goal is to retire at 60 and live off of dividend income and 401(k) distributions alone since we do not want to count on social security. My wife's pension income will be our mad money to travel the world or spoil any and all future grandchildren.

We have been reading the forum for over a year now but just recently joined. We have learned a lot from the regulars on here and look forward to hopefully helping someone myself one day.

We look forward to keeping up with everyone on the forum.

All the best to everyone.

Welcome FD! Glad you found us and have joined up. I love that you and your wife are tackling this together. Seems like often one spouse is in charge of the saving and investing, but I think it really helps when both of you are conversant and the plan is a joint one.
Welcome fellow 36er! I agree with Kerim: huge positive that you + your spouse can execute on a plan you both agree on.

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts

From a fellow Texan, welcome. Great that both of you are in this together. I know I wouldn't be where I am without my wife also being on board with investing. Great monthly amount to invest while also investing in the 401(k) and pension.
(05-07-2015, 01:00 PM)Forward Dividends Wrote: Howdy everyone. I really don't talk like that despite living in Texas.

Of course not! Dodgy You forgot the "ya'll". Big Grin

Welcome to DGF. You're not late to the party. 25 years to go, a good start and great plans. You will do fine. Looking forward to your input.
How do they get the deer to cross at that yellow road sign?

Welcome to the forum, Forward Dividends. Glad to have you here.
Welcome, Forward Dividends. I don't think you're really late to the party. Most people wait until they're in their 40's or 50's to realize that they need to take control of their financial future. It's great that you and your wife are doing it together. If retirement/investing weren't a priority for my wife, I know it would be ten times harder to do it.

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