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What I Am Buying Today.
BABA is past any sort of technical support long ago IMO. It's just a victim of the daily news cycle from the CCP. BABA is the target at least once a week. It's one of the weirdest stock stories you are ever going to see. Everybody knows they have better financials than 95% of the companies on earth. China isn't going to kill their golden goose but they are not afraid to put them on a short leash. BABA has a bottom, and somebody will make money. The biggest problem for anybody way underwater is all the fellow bag holders. Every time it tries to run 10% from wherever the bottom is, investors will dump it out of relief. It could be years before BABA ever sees 200 again. The investor uncertainty will be there for a decade or more. Fundamentals don't matter at all until you believe the CCP won't take it away with little notice.
(09-24-2021, 10:01 AM)kblake Wrote: added some HRL and AEP.

Glad I kept BABA on my watch list and didn't buy. It's still bleeding. No support until $132. It  breaks that and unfortunately it may go to next support in mid 70's.

This just says don't invest in Chinese companies.  Crazy it's been straight down since $304

Wise choice.... I've been holding the BABA handbag since 211$ and dont know how much more I could keep holding... May double down if it comes around $120
I've posted this before but on Christmas Eve BABA got slammed and I tried to buy a few shares to start a position. I accidentally bought 222 shares. I had a mini stroke when I saw that trade post. I sold most of the shares before close and made a few hundred dollars. Held and traded a few more shares over the next six months before it became clear this was a train wreck. It's a miracle I didn't lose a bunch of money.

I know it doesn't feel right but when a stock does this you gotta wait for a bottom because you are just guessing now. Better to buy at 120 after it bottomed at 100 and the story changed. I've been the bagholder many times and the story was always the same. I just knew it couldn't get any cheaper, then it got cut in half again a few months later. Stop trying to convince yourself the fundamentals matter. They don't. You may not actually know the fundamentals after the CCP is done, and even if you did they still don't matter for now because trust is shattered and that won't fade real soon.
(09-24-2021, 09:02 AM)ken-do-nim Wrote: Over in the ROTH, sold DRN and put half into UPST and half into FB.

More ROTH action (which is a 100% growth strategy, not DGI).

Shaved off a little Adobe and a little Intuitive Surgical to make a starter position in Tesla.

Edit: Oh, and thanks to a Limit order, there is now $0 cash left in the ROTH. A rare feat!
Sold out of BMY. Got tired of waiting for it. At least I made $12 on it lol

Put the proceeds into FB and FDX
(09-24-2021, 01:36 PM)kblake Wrote: Sold out of BMY. Got tired of waiting for it. At least I made $12 on it lol

Put the proceeds into FB and FDX

I've seen a lot of forum movement with Federal Express.  I've never looked at it before; in part because of bias on my part that the function they serve is done just as well by the US Post Office anyway.  But interesting; they are at a 52 week low.  You may just do very well on that one.

Facebook I think we are all excited about this "meta-verse" virtual reality world they will be building (virtual real estate sales oh my!).  That's why I cashed out DRN earlier today to get started on Facebook.  The tough part about purchases in the ROTH is I always have to cannibalize from other holdings because I only get to put new money in once a year.

Alibaba has gotten a lot of talk here too, but it doesn't pass my "buy what you know" sniff test, so I've stayed away from it.

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday.  One week left in the quarter!
FDX will get it straightened out but they are up about zero the past three years while their competitors have doubled. Management looks weak right now. They will figure if out eventually.
Sold BABA for a -33% loss.
Added a bit BMY today, yesterday and the day before yesterday. Lol

It will probably be a daily thing until it goes ex-div. then I’ll hold or use covered call to get rid of my shares. Along with MRK & AMGN, these 3 are disappointing DGI stocks in my port at the moment.


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