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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am have been active in investing, going on 20 years. For the first 18 years, I focused as may do on stock price and didn't see the value of a good dividend. That led to many a sleepless night. Well 2 years ago, a light bulb went off and I started to focus on dividend growth companies. Up until then, I did not have a clue at how impactful dividends could be to your balance sheet or income sheet. 

Once, I realized this important element, I set out to structure our portfolio. Now we are holding only 1 stock that is NOT a dividend-paying company. 

We are happily dripping our way to a solid retirement.

Thanks for reading.  Wink
Welcome DivLady70.
Thanks for sharing your story, and welcome to the board!
My website: DGI For The DIY
Also on: Facebook - Twitter - Seeking Alpha
Welcome! This is a great forum.
Welcome Div lady. I hope you share your investment story going forward. We need more participation here. I too did a lot of growth stock investing. If only we could start out with the knowledge we possess after 20 years of getting our noses bloodied. Smile
Welcome. It's always nice to see you get a bigger dividend each quarter because of dripping. Like you, I also wish I had realized the importance of dividends sooner than I did. But later is better than never.
Thank you everyone, for your warm welcoming.

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