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What are your winners & losers today?
Wow, I had never heard of the ability to withdraw prior to age 59 1/2 through the rule of 55 or the 72t thing; thanks for enlightening me. Since I've been at the same job for over 20 years, I could retire at age 55 and take penalty-free (but obviously not tax-free) withdrawals from my 401k. I probably won't, since my child support ends right about then and I think I'd like to make my full salary for a few years.

As to the 3 million, I've developed what I call the "rule of AT&T" in response to the standard wisdom of getting 4 or 5% from your portfolio annually to determine retirement income. In other words, you should be able to average whatever AT&T's yield is, for your portfolio. I'm not saying put every last dollar in AT&T for its dividend, or even that all of the money should come from dividends, just that I think it's a good target to shoot for as a portfolio withdrawal %. Right now, AT&T is at 6.92%; that means with a $3,000,000 portfolio, we should be making $207,600 annually, even before Social Security kicks in. I think even with a mortgage that's plenty. My mortgage goes until I'm age 78 since I just refinanced Smile

Why did you start by saying, "not sure what's wrong with me"? I mean, you should be buying TECL of course but no one listens to me on the triples lol.

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