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First batch of DGI stocks to buy
(03-26-2021, 01:08 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: Yes, with just a few exceptions my DGI stocks are doing well, and my recent pure growth purchases are doing poorly.  I'm going to give everything at least a quarter before I start making any cuts.  I'll post my portfolio here in the My Portfolio section when it's ready.
Unless your initial research proved incorrect, a quarter is way early to cut a DGI stock just because it is out of favor with the market.  The market hates a few sectors at all times and it definitely rotates because much of the big money trades rather than LT invests.  It can take quarters though.  Oil is a pretty good example.  

Pure growth is another matter.  They require more attention but you still need to make sure the problem is actually long-term.  It's the reason I keep them at levels I think I can track with some effectiveness.

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