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Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting 2019
A few of us went last year, (which fell on my wife's BIRTHDAY weekend), she agreed to go and it was one of the best trips we ever took! In fact, I was outvoted and yes, my wife, voted to go again to Berk2019. If Omaha, NE didn't get so damn cold we would put the city on our retirement list--that's how much we loved the place, it truly is an epitome of a Midwest city. Great people, great restaurants, great overall city and a top notch Medical/Hospital network--I'm always telling my wife if there is no really good to great medical network within a reasonable driving distance don't even think about putting that area on our retirement list--I had cancer at age 36--I'm almost 11 years out from it now. I've met people commuting 3 plus hours for their cancer treatments...I remember thinking my gawd that can mean the difference between life and death.

Anyways this is what Berk2019 is going to cost us:

Airfare: 383 RT per tkt

AirBnB: 94 per person (5 of us)

total: 477 per person

That comes to a total of 2385 between airfare and lodging for the 5 of us. It helps to plan ahead and shop around, we met people that were spending thousands and thousands of dollars. We met a kid who spent 1k flying in from Chicago, CHICAGO! The weird thing is that our flight goes through O'Hare.

We looked at Hotels within walking distance but they were about 450 to much higher per night.

Of course, I didn't include food and booze--I'll let you know after the meeting! LOL We don't stop

The Berk meeting is not a boring meeting, it's an exhibit that consists of every product or company that Berk owns/invests. At the beginning, after the short film, WB and CM explain that this meeting is for the everyday shareholder NOT for the institutional investor, and that's the way they explain things. Any layperson will understand what they're talking about.


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