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How's your buy and sell timing?
(11-27-2018, 03:06 PM)Kerim Wrote: I'm pretty happy with my buy timing, though often I end up wishing I hadn't been so timid and bought more! (And selling is rare enough for me that I don't have a sense of whether I'm any good at timing it!)

Good point.  If you hold long enough, as most of us do here with quality DGI stocks, then any sell point will look good enough a decade or three from now.  When I started this thread I was just trying to make forum conversation, and had experienced a a week where everything I touched moved a buck or so in the wrong direction every time I touched my port.  I said within 48 hrs but in a few cases it was more like 48 minutes lol.  Trading near the open is a double edged sword.  There are a lot of flash sales, but if the media piles on a few hours later sometimes the sale gets even better lol.  I shouldn't dwell on it, but I want to kick myself when I could have had a couple free shares a few days later.  Buying even smaller positions would cure that since commissions are about free.

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