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Brave browser: Make Advertising Great Again
I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with the Brave browser but it's certainly done wonders for me. Now with their finally functional ad model, I'd very much like to throw a part of my advertisement income towards the upkeep of this forum. Yeah, it actually lets you decide if you want to view ads, how many you want to view, and which website / content publisher gets your ad revenue. 

So Kerim, any chance of signing up to receive Brave rewards? I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble but it could bring in some extra dollars every month to help with the costs.

A little about Brave and their ad system.
Ohh Brave, the browser that is here to fix the internet. I won't bore you with the details as I'm not too familiar with the technology either but basically this is an internet browser focused on privacy. Integrated ad blocking, tracker prevention, plenty of privacy settings (including connecting through a TOR network with a single click) among other features. Their slogan pretty much says it: You are not a product. 

I have been using it for a couple of years now and in the beginning it really was a work in progres but in my opinion during these past few versions it has really matured to a point where it's playing in a whole other league than your regular chrome / firefox. Can't speak for the Apple browser thingy as I have barely used it. 

And now, as of this weekend, they brought their ad system called Brave Rewards into fully functional status. This is where it really gets good.
Since it automatically blocks ads and tracking attempts etc, websites are not making money from you browsing anymore. This is old news, ad blockers have been here for years. What Brave does is it allows you to opt-in to receive some small ads. You choose if you want to see them, you choose how many. Every ad that you view (they open in a small notification window to the bottom of the screen) grants you a currency called Basic Attention Token, or BAT. And then you choose how you wish to spend it. I've been using it for about 2 days now and collected about $0.3 worth of BATs just by browsing. 
At this rate, it looks like I would have about $5 per month to support my favourite websites with, just from having their ad system on.

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