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Greeting from Canada. - SirDrips - 03-29-2020

Good Evening,

I have spent the last while checking out your community, and thought I should drop in and say "Hi".  I have been investing in drips since the early '90, looking back now, I wish I had been more diligent with my follow through.  Of course, school, work, dating, wife and kids seems to have taken up a lot of the time.  Not to mention we spent 10 years building a house.   Life just seems to have had a way of throwing up distractions.  Some good, some bad.

The last couple of months, I have been reading numerous dividend blogs and websites, and just found my way here.  Hoping to continue learning from others.  So far I have to say with the downturn, it has been an interesting year to start investing again.  Thanks for having me.


RE: Greeting from Canada. - fenders53 - 03-30-2020

Welcome to the forum Jason. Feel free to jump in the discussion threads anytime you like. We are a small but friendly bunch.

RE: Greeting from Canada. - EricL - 03-30-2020

Welcome to the forum Jason!

RE: Greeting from Canada. - DividendGarden - 03-30-2020

Thanks for saying "hi"! Welcome to the forum. It's a great community where we bounce ideas off of each other and pressure-test ideas in a safe environment. We are glad to have you!

RE: Greeting from Canada. - Kerim - 03-30-2020

Welcome Jason -- glad you found us and joined up!

RE: Greeting from Canada. - ChadR - 03-31-2020

Welcome Jason.

RE: Greeting from Canada. - SirDrips - 03-31-2020

Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Very much appreciated.