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Hello to All - Y-ASK - 11-20-2019

I've been a dividend investor for quite some time now.  I had about $36K from an old 401K that I wanted to invest but wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  My Dad had an account with Edward Jones and every month he would get a flyer that listed all the best stocks according to Ed Jones.  I went through one of those flyers and picked out 7 stocks with a decent Div Yield, purchased them, and became a buy and hold dividend investor.  So when I recently retired, and had more 401K funds to transfer and invest, I carved out another $100K for dividend investments and my dividend portfolio grew to 17 stocks.  After my retirement in May I realized that I had much more time to research and actually participate in Forums such as this one.  Since that time I learned about M1 Finance and decided to really up my dividend investing by adding any funds I have left over from each months budget.  That portfolio consist of 9 pies which represent 9 different sectors and a total of 37 stocks.  I had a great weekend moving my percentages around while I waited for the initial funding to complete.  Right now the M1 Finance account balance is around $3K but that is probably going to change quickly.  My old company has talked me into working on a project part time for a few months and most of those funds will go into the M1 Finance account.  Any way thanks for having me and I hope to add to the community.


RE: Hello to All - fenders53 - 11-20-2019

Welcome to the forum Y-ASK

RE: Hello to All - EricL - 11-20-2019

Good to see you come aboard Y-Ask!

Feel free to share a post on the 'my portfolio' thread so we can see what you've been buying.

Best of luck with your moves!

RE: Hello to All - ChadR - 11-20-2019

Welcome Y-Ask.

RE: Hello to All - Otter - 11-20-2019

Welcome to the forum, Y-Ask.