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Newbie here - Dividendwayfarer - 12-14-2018

Hello fellow dividend investors, 

I have been following this site for over 2 years and decide to register and formally be part of this community. I have been building my dividend stock portfolio for about 3 years and currently own stocks from around 65 companies. Due to my brokerage firm status, I get quite a few of free trades so I tend to make multiple trades of small amount every month. 

Very happy to find this site and have learned so much to date!

RE: Newbie here - crimsonghost747 - 12-14-2018


RE: Newbie here - fenders53 - 12-14-2018

Welcome the the forum!  The free trades sound good.  Makes it easier to nibble on the daily bargains we've seen lately.

RE: Newbie here - ChadR - 12-14-2018

Welcome. Free trades are great. Easy to pick up a share or two on a daily bargain. There are days that I wish I had some free trades.

RE: Newbie here - Kerim - 12-14-2018

Welcome to the forum! Very glad you found us and signed up.