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New Here - stockguru - 02-28-2018

Hi all my name Is Jen. I just started investing a little over 6 months ago. I'm interested in the names I know and can follow. I have 3 kids. All girls ages 9, 7, and 4. Hopefully this forum will allow me to better educate myself in the investing world. Currently I own MCD, TGT, M, YUM, CVS and DIS. Of course only like 5 or 10 shares of each. Cant afford big lots at this time  Blush

Looking forward to the forum. Thanks

RE: New Here - Kerim - 02-28-2018


RE: New Here - crimsonghost747 - 02-28-2018


Don't worry about the size of your purchases, small is significantly better than none. And we all have to start somewhere. Wink
I think it's a good idea to start small so you learn the ropes and then you just keep learning more while the portfolio grows. Everyone makes some mistakes, it's better to make those with small amounts of money and then learn something from that mistake.

RE: New Here - ChadR - 02-28-2018

Welcome. Everyone starts small. That's the first step. Having 10 shares of MCD is better than owning 0 shares. Your portfolio will grow and before you know it, others will be asking you for investing advice.

RE: New Here - Sunrise61 - 02-28-2018

Hello, everyone, it is a pleasure to be here.

I started investing in stocks in 2010, very slowly. I started out with Scottrade and it was bought out by TD Ameritrade and I have not become familiar with their program as of yet. The first thing I had to learn was not to become panicky when my stocks dropped and I made many mistakes by selling at a loss. I had to learn not to listen to all of the whimsical chatter on the internet and go with the facts and my intuition. I use to chase the dividend and I no longer do that. I learned on my own investing in stocks. I average around 7 percent on my investments. I believe if you buy a quality stock, just keep it. I learned the hard way. But, now I get it. Happy investing.

RE: New Here - ronn38 - 03-04-2018


Time in the market is the secret sauce of prosperous DGI--over the long haul, investments grow. I usually buy in fairly large lots, I'll do good in the long run as well, but volatility can sure spook me in ways it won't you. Thus, in many ways, your at an advantage--enjoy it ;-)