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RE: The Seed has been Planted - Kerim - 02-06-2019

Nice progress! Congrats!

RE: The Seed has been Planted - ken-do-nim - 02-07-2021

(02-03-2019, 05:19 PM)jdhansen Wrote: Well, 2018 was a rough year with lots of ups and downs, many medical bills and other expenses to deal with.  Also was finally able to pull all the families funds together and have a complete picture of  what we have.  So after a year and a half, I can finally update how the seed has been germinating.

Pulling everything together, and our seed has grown into the following:
  • 20 Shares T
  • 20 Shares ORI
  • 6   Shares KO
  • 2   Shares D
  • 10 Shares FLO
  • 34 Shares MO
  • 10 Shares CSCO
  • 10 Shares HRL
  • 1   Share HSY
  • 8   Shares F
  • 43.566 Shares OHI
  • 35.904 Shares O
  • 197.345 Shares VTSAX
  • 96.823 Shares VEU
  • 14.638 Shares BND
  • 13.595 Shares VNQ

Our projected Annual dividend has grown to $904 a year, if I'm calculating the Vanguard items correctly.  The Vanguard funds are from a my job moving from Nationwide to Vanguard for our 457 plan.  Not sure if I should convert them into stocks, or move them over to one of the dividend growth options that Vanguard offers.  Maybe I will just keep them and have new money go toward better dividend options.  Suggestions always welcome.

Looking at building up funds for a move in to DWDP, as I see the upcoming split of the company as a opportunity for solid growth.  Every where else, just keeping the ball rolling and not letting the ups and downs get to me.

I'm starting to read through older threads and learn what other people are doing.  One thing I think would be really helpful is a quick note next to each equity as to why it's present in the portfolio.  Some like OHI, T, and MO are obvious because of the high yield.  But take Ford for example.  I'm really curious why he picked it up.  I realize this post is a couple years old but looking at Ford's financials, it doesn't have a dividend (and as far as I can tell, never did), and hasn't gone anywhere price-wise either in the last 5 years (unless you bought March 20th of last year).

RE: The Seed has been Planted - fenders53 - 02-07-2021

I've owned shares of F now and then through the decades. Here was my justification.

-When it is absolutely crushed it's usually good for a double or triple in a few years. This has happened a number of times. The risk/reward is there is you wait for it to get bad enough. If all your stocks double even every five years you'll retire wealthy.

-Paid a huge dividend until recently. Often 6% IIRC.

-When times are good F pays a special dividend occasionally.

-Never filed bankruptcy like every other American auto manufacturer, even when they could have.

-Top five iconic brand in American. Seems to always have some interest.