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Full Version: Dividend Announcement Thread!
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Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) declares $0.35/share quarterly dividend, 6.1% increase from prior dividend of $0.33.

Forward yield 2.95%

Payable April 24; for shareholders of record April 5; ex-div April 4.
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (SKT):

In February 2019, the Company's Board of Directors approved a 1.4% increase in the annualized dividend on its common shares from $1.40 per share to $1.42 per share and simultaneously declared a quarterly dividend of $0.355 per share for the first quarter ended March 31, 2019. This cash dividend will be payable on May 15, 2019 to holders of record on April 30, 2019.

Could see this one coming from a mile away...

Alongside Q4 results, CenturyLink (NYSE:CTL) announces a cut in the annual dividend to $1 per share from $2.16.
PPL declares $0.4125 dividend
  • PPL (NYSETonguePL) declares $0.4125/share quarterly dividend, 0.6% increase from prior dividend of $0.41.
  • Forward yield 5.34%
  • Payable April 1; for shareholders of record March 8; ex-div March 7.
Dunno why SA doesn't have it, but I'm showing an 8.6% raise for T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. (TROW), quarterly dividend raised to $0.76, payable March 29 for holders of record March 15, ex-Div March 14.



This stock has been very good to me over the years.
Pepsi gives a measly +3% this year.
(02-15-2019, 10:07 AM)crimsonghost747 Wrote: [ -> ]Pepsi gives a measly +3% this year.

They are in a tough industry for growth right now.  Eat your your Fritos and enjoy your dividend that is already way above the S&P500 average. Smile  IMO KO better pay attention to what PEP has been doing for decades if they want to keep growing at all.
T. Rowe Price Group (TROW) Raises Quarterly Dividend 8.6% to $0.76 - Pays a 3.2% yield now

I just added to my position. Am in a drip and have been for 6 years with this name. Represents great value at these prices.

Anyone own the name?
I don't own TROW, but it's on my watch list. Seems like every time I have money to buy, it's either over valued or I find something at a better price.
Love my NEE!

NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) declares $1.25/share quarterly dividend, 12.6% increase from prior dividend of $1.11.

Forward yield 2.72%

Payable March 15; for shareholders of record Feb. 28; ex-div Feb. 27.