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Full Version: What are your winners & losers today?
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ENPH is my winner again today. NEE is my loser. NEE REVs came up short and I wouldn't care if it wasn't so overvalued for a UTE. It's a miracle it didn't get slammed for real but it is a market darling. I half expected this and trimmed my position 40% in advance but the pullback was weak. Probably sell some puts against for a lower re-entry if I get one more down day.

New port ATH. That is what matters in the short-term.
Congrats on the port ATH! I'm $10k below mine.

Today's winner was, of course, SOXL, finally showing some muscle.

Today's loser was HRZN, who has become my swingiest stock.
Another crap-tastic day. It was actually going well until the announcement about tax increases on those making $1 million or more, then it went down the tubes.

Today's portfolio winner was, and I may never say this again, AT&T.

Today's portfolio loser was, sadly, SOXL. Also of note, which goes a long way to explaining that, is that I now have a net loss on my AVGO shares. Hopefully that won't last long.
T up and the chips were down. Port stuck in 1/2% range for a week. I need to jazz it up some more.
Today was pretty amazing. Not quite back up to my all time high, but about as much as you can expect for a one day gain.

Today's biggest winner was RETL, and that's with GameStop just slightly down, too. However, right behind it was STX, who came out of nowhere to jump up 6% and become my highest percentage individual stock gainer. I'll have to get more of it the next time I have cash.

Today's loser was LMT, but at only .73% down, hardly a bad day.
I had quietly added LABU back in the ROTH last week, and today it paid off, going up 11%. The day's loser was RETL who needed some cooling off. For individual stocks, STX was once again out in front (23% since mid-March), and SHW had a not-so-great day. Seagate now trails only SOXL, TECL, and CURE in my portfolio for overall percentage gain. I wish I'd bought more of it.
My capital appreciation/depreciation daily moves are too boring to discuss. I have Jedi mastered a 50 security port that never moves and provides a ton of income every month. Sorta like a circa 1978 CD done the hard way. Smile

Chips on fire, UTEs and other defensive names took the day off.
There's certainly nothing wrong with a portfolio you can count on to provide income. Lots of people pay big money for annuities which are undoubtedly inferior to what you have.
(04-26-2021, 07:33 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: [ -> ]There's certainly nothing wrong with a portfolio you can count on to provide income.  Lots of people pay big money for annuities which are undoubtedly inferior to what you have.
I need to methodically get more aggressive.  The market certainly isn't looking for a reason to crash. You got to have a thesis.  I think the sector rotation game continues. My defensive stocks had a strong run while spec was getting a beating.  They look toppy now.  I can sell some covered calls close to the money and add some growth as I have been doing.  I am not chasing bubbles though.  The music will stop again.  Still like chips but I own plenty.  I will start buying tomorrow or at least sell puts on stuff I don't mind owning 100 shares of if exercised.
Taxable down, ROTH up; overall mostly flat day.

Today's hero was the transportation triple TPOR. I'll have to bulk up on this one.

Today's loser was SOXL, who has been trading in a tight band $39-41 recently.
Flat port day again but so was the market. About $1700 in option income this week. I'm not certain what my personal record is but it is definitely well under $2K for a week so I'll go for it if the market doesn't fly higher the next few days.
HYLN looks like it found the bottom and has gained pretty damn well these past few days. Smile