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Full Version: What are your winners & losers today?
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(12-21-2021, 05:09 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: [ -> ]Well hopefully it will be volatile in a good way Smile  Too much doom and gloom recently.
My guess is a little of both.  Covid is going to hurt some earnings reports.  Now we wait to see if the market cares for more than a few days.  We'll be right back to speculating whether or not the FED will indeed raise rates.  Infrastructure/Social Plan passage or not will matter too.
Pretty decent day, and notably, back-to-back up days and it feels like it has been a while for that.

But more importantly, I solved a FreeCell game in 2:08, a new record!
Port at all time high, and much higher than I thought it would get to in 2021. Looks to be a great week ahead of us folks! As usual, SOXL carried the day, up 8.28%.

The taxable account is now just a few hundred dollars shy of reaching $100,000 in net profit since I started it in November 2019 with $65, which is all I had left after finishing off divorce payments.
Oh it's you again lol. I am getting tired of seeing SOXL at the very top of my watch list every day. Smile I haven't checked my port yet but I am sure I am near my ATH.
VSTO is back and up 4% today. I torment with this one. I discovered them at sub $20 and now at $44 and stuck in a range. They continue to make small acquisitions without dilution and the earnings keep growing every quarter. $9.00 2022 earnings for a $44 stock is hard to sell. Market CAP is still only about $2B. If earnings fell to $6.00 which nobody predicts I'd be holding a sub 10 PE stock. I think I need to forget I own this stock and be patient.
Final day of the year featured some surprising heroes at the top:

OXLC, up 2.94%, and for me overall this year I was up 9.67% on this, to go with the 12% yield
HD, up 1.24%, and overall I was up 38.54% on this
ARCC, up 1.05% and overall I was up 7.8% on this

On the down side, a bunch of my ETFs were down just a little over 1%: CURE, TECL, RETL, TQQQ. IVR was the biggest loser. I don't expect him to do well in 2022 price-wise given all the mortgage rate drama.
I far exceeded my 2021 goals and was even at a port ATH until the pullback late yesterday. It was a good year and I have plenty of cash for next week.
Good start to 2022. TSM, which I brought back with a small position after getting out too soon, got the win. SHW took the loss.

Also, it was only a couple weeks ago when I did my top 10 non-ETF ranking, which had the top 5 as:

2. STX

It now is:

2. STX

Kind of entertaining Smile OXLC has so far been second to only RQI in my high yielders for price appreciation, but with double the latter's yield.
I was nervous when I saw the NASDAQ down over 200 points today, but my port was only slightly down today. Phew! FAS was the biggest winner, CURE the biggest loser.
I am at ATH the last few days. That hasn't happened much for 6 weeks. I have increased my tech exposure a lot lately so I won't be escaping tech or index beatdowns like I did most of last year.
(01-04-2022, 06:44 PM)fenders53 Wrote: [ -> ]I am at ATH the last few days.  That hasn't happened much for 6 weeks.  I have increased my tech exposure a lot lately so I won't be escaping tech or index beatdowns like I did most of last year.

That must give you a lot of confidence to enter retirement.

I'm only $5k away from ATH in E*Trade.

I'm very itchy for the trading window to open again so I can sell company stock, move the cash into E*Trade, and start meeting my 2022 targets. Although, I may sell, hold onto the cash for a while, and wait for a huge dip.
I have cash for a couple years of retirement. I got no problem hiding in index funds and core holdings when the bad year comes. I have ditched all my spec stuff except a couple solar stocks. They are profitable so no panic.