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Full Version: What are your winners & losers today?
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Port mostly flat today, but an up day is an up day!

Same players as yesterday; SOXL and TECL led the way and DFEN got killed again.
Well oddly enough my best stock was CSIQ up over 3%. NOVA down almost that much. Both solar. Port was down about $300 but I grabbed $600 of new income selling puts so call it flat.
Port flat again; taxable up, ROTH down, but overall 8 up days in a row to end June!

DFEN, ERX, and RETL recovered somewhat today.
(06-30-2021, 03:17 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: [ -> ]Port flat again; taxable up, ROTH down, but overall 8 up days in a row to end June!

DFEN, ERX, and RETL recovered somewhat today.

Solar pulled back a bit today. Oil did well.  Now that you mentioned it they are flipping back and forth opposite each other lately  I  think its just the SPEC on - Growth on lever they pull every morning though.  Nothing to do with them competing against each other.  That's a very long-term thing.    

New port ATH by about two Benjamins.  If all I ever did was that everyday I guess life would be OK lol.  I really do miss the volatility.  I only trade 10% of my port on anything that moves scary fast but it makes my options pay much much better.
Another flat port day; taxable down 0.05%, ROTH up 0.40%, but ... overall up, so the streak is now at 9 up days in a row Smile

Winner of the day was, of course, RETL. Loser was SOXL, but eh, he'll be back big tomorrow I'm sure.

Edit: Oh, actually in the ROTH the winner was ERX.
Port chugging higher. NKE, oil and UTEs bounced a bit.
EOG +3.06%
XEL +1.75%
UNP +1.65%

WBA -7.41%
AVGO -1.51%
QCOM -1.49%
Hello from Vermont! I'm on a mini-vacation with the girlfriend.

As Eric noted in another thread, it was Big Tech day, which for my port means TECL and TQQQ. For individual stocks, ORCL and GOOGL were tops.

RETL flipped back to last place.

10 up days in a row now ... I'm expecting quite the reversal next week because that's how 2021 has trended. 2 weeks up, 4 weeks down, 2 weeks up.
Still inching higher. Constant rotation and the major indexes keep rising anyway. Most anything MOMO got beat up today. I suspect it may once again be tough to beat the SPY or QQQ for the year.
10 day streak snapped, which is actually good. The occasional down day seems healthy.

Winner: ORCL
Loser: RETL

Winner: WEBL
Loser: ERX
Mildly down day.

Winner: again, ORCL, which is on a tear as of late
Loser: chip stocks, led of course by SOXL
Oil, solar and chips down today. HAS my biggest winner. Port flat.