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Full Version: What are your winners & losers today?
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(06-08-2021, 09:23 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: [ -> ]I will probably return NEE to the fold next year, along with others that I'm interested in but don't feel a rush to get like DIS and HAS.
I've been selling puts in HAS.  I would like to have long shares by fall.  A lot of years they run up around Christmas season.  Of course they pull back if sales aren't projected to be good.
Not much to report recently. On the bright side, there are only 6 equities in my taxable portfolio sporting a loss, and of the 6, 4 are recent pickups. The two others are:
  • HPQ, no doubt affected by the chip shortage even though they are doing well
  • ORC, which had a big drawdown all at once one day from $6 to $5.20 or so, but has been slowly climbing back up since; dividend remains over 13%

I probably shouldn't have put a Stop price on WEBL the week before last, since it finally soared back up, but I didn't want to be so leveraged and I was worried about another inflation drawdown like last month. But I think it's as trustworthy as TECL and SOXL, which means to say for a triple fund it has some backbone to it. Amazon/Netflix/Paypal/Facebook/Google etc. Next time I free up some cash I'll get back into it, especially if the inflation worries start to fade.

Closing in on $200k. That will be a nice milestone to hit.

The ROTH has been more stagnant, stuck around $86k. Maybe I bring WEBL in over there, but of course without new money coming in, that means trimming or getting out of other positions. I have TECL and TQQQ in both the taxable and the ROTH in large quantities, so maybe the answer is trimming on them. I'd also like to bring ISRG and APPS into the ROTH.

Company stock finally returned to $130/share. Hooray! I've liquidated about $12k so far this year (at $120/share), and the plan is to liquidate at least $20k more.
Yeah the stops are a tough call and you are getting stopped out in a generally up market,. I'd get my total leverage at a level you are comfortable riding out, and stay with high quality. Less casino, more sticking to a plan for a few years. This thread is entertaining but analyzing our stocks over three days or months is folly. I'll claim credit for my risk management, but my above average 2021 performance is a fairly random event. It could have went the other way any other six months. Try not to give yourself too much congratulations or blame for a six month stock chart. We are mostly just along for the ride over a period that short in a fast changing macro environment.

Glad you are making progress. With my return goals met for the year I can pick my spots. Some conservative and a little risk in the mix. We'll see where it lands by end of year. If chips wake up even 10% I'll be very happy. Really hoping for a good UTE dip and eventually interest rate scares will make that likely.
I came up with a plan this morning for the ROTH, actually. I'm going to bow out of TPOR, DUSL, and DPST, all 3 of which I've lost my gains on as they've fallen recently, and switch to high flying non-leveraged:
NVDA (though I will probably wait for a dip)
and any other pure growth ideas are welcome.

Edit: ADBE and SBUX look pretty awesome too. Starbucks is a better fit for the taxable since it has a dividend I can enjoy.
It was a crappy day ... until the very end. Smile

SOXL, AVGO, & TSM waking up, very good news for my port. (And over in the HSA, SOXX).

TECL and TQQQ finally breaking out.

Even ORC and OXLC had good days.
Another ATH. I like it when that happens a couple times a week. Nothing really up much except some of my oil. Chips did OK as well.
Today was a down day, but I didn't look closely. Actually, after all the moves I made today, I really like the makeup of the three accounts (Taxable, ROTH, HSA) and I think I might just relax and not look at my finances until the last day of June, when I'll write up a quarterly report.
No new all time high today. I've been telling you this is rigged. Smile
Solar was a winner today. A couple of my better ones were RUN up 10.8% ENPH up 5.7%

Port will be down about $1K by the time the mutual funds post. I'm pretty sure I have built the world's most boring diversified stock portfolio. I don't think I can improve on this Smile
It was a pretty down day for me, but the winners were the income producers: PFL, ARCC, ORC, NLY, AGNC, OXLC.

Also, I just want to savor an E*Trade glitch for one night. TTD just had its 10-for-1 split, so instead of 10 shares I now have 100. However, they didn't lower the price yet to reflect the split, so I'm showing a value of $59,000 in it, boosting my ROTH way over the $100k mark. So for one special night, my E*Trade all told is well above $300k.
Enjoy lol. Accounts briefly do weird things during splits and spin offs sometimes
And ... back down to normal Smile