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Full Version: What are your winners & losers today?
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Port ATH but no real big movers. PENN for the win and DG down.
Unsurprisingly, down a little bit after yesterday's soaring high.

LOW 1.24%
SOXL 1.12%
WANT 0.91%

HII -1.88%
FAS -2.92%
STX -4.74%

NAIL 3.99%
SOXL 1.12%
TTD 1.03%

GUSH -5.48%
NRGU -6.04%
DPST -6.76%

Luckily I only have $500 between GUSH and NRGU. DPST, however, is a full position. Anyway I'm sure they'll all recover.
Silver related stocks up. I think MRK was my loser. Most everything was slightly red in the port. Almost $1K in income was the highlight today as I sold some covered calls and puts to reach my monthly income goal.
(05-25-2021, 03:37 PM)fenders53 Wrote: [ -> ]Silver related stocks up.  I think MRK was my loser.  Most everything was slightly red in the port.  Almost $1K in income was the highlight today as I sold some covered calls and puts to reach my monthly income goal.

Congrats on reaching your goal!

May will be a down month for me unless Wed-Fri are amazing lol.
I will be surprised if the market doesn't chop mostly sideways through summer as it digests econ reports. Well see if my guess is correct.
It's definitely looking that way. I may need to turn my ROTH more defensive in a hurry.
(05-25-2021, 04:24 PM)ken-do-nim Wrote: [ -> ]It's definitely looking that way.  I may need to turn my ROTH more defensive in a hurry.
I still think we end the year higher, and I think the bad chip news is mostly baked in already.  So much going on though.  Growth should be fine.  Inflation is a risk if crazy high commodity prices don't pull back fairly soon.  More GOV juice coming.  People still inclined to gamble.  It's hard to imagine it all comes together smooth and predictable.  Some market chop will do no lasting harm.  Market has trouble staying down two weeks.
Another sublime day. Things are finally straightening out Smile

RETL 8.45%
STX 3.52%
WANT 3.07%

ACN -0.71%
LHX -0.79%
CURE -1.80%, which is kind of a shocker, because he's so rarely down lately

RETL 8.45% yeah I have it in both; more here
APPS 6.17%
GUSH 5.55%

TECL -0.04%; barely down and that's the only negative stock in the portfolio; pretty awesome day for the ROTH. I will still probably end the month negative in the ROTH, but it's definitely coming back strong. Two days in the month still to go!
CMCSA: +2.06%
EOG: +1.20%
XOM: +1.22%

WBA: -4.02%
AMGN: -1.43%
ABT: -1.39%
Real good day. Another ATH by about $1200. I got hit pretty good yesterday and made all that up too.


F +9.95%
CSIQ +7.39%
VSTO +6.93%
PENN +4.85%

APD -1.21%

Another winner is all the puts I have been selling. The premiums are vaporizing and I can buy them back very profitably starting now if I choose to. I will close some to avoid being greedy.
Wow; go Ford! Those are some impressive daily winners there.
A man could get used to this!

DFEN, up 8.06% that's my boy!
FAS, up 3.52%
RIO, up 3.47%

ACN, down 1.37%
TECL, down 1.63%
ABBV, down 2.07%

DPST, up 5.14%
HIBL, up 4.38%
DUSL, up 4.35%

DRN, down 0.96%
TQQQ, down 1.17%
TECL, down 1.63%

One trading day left in the month. Accounting for a withdrawal I made, the combined sum is almost exactly what it was on April 30th. So for all the teeth gnashing about those awful down days, my portfolio has been dead flat for May, which I'll take! But we'll see what tomorrow brings.